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How do I find available film and television projects to approach?
If you're a beginning songwriter or composer, graduate student films and low budget indie films may be the best opportunities for entry into the business. Check out local entertainment newspapers (in Los Angeles, check out the Dramalogue/Back Stage West) for information on these types of films. Local film schools are also a great source of information (hint: put an ad up on the film school's bulletin board about your services, and get to know the instructors there for a great referral source).

If you've already established yourself as a composer, songwriter, or other craft (such as music editor), it may be more approprate to look for projects with established budgets.

Most projects hire and license through the "word of mouth" network. However, the usual Hollywood "trade papers" (The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety) have info about films in production - you may want to subscribe to one of these trades and make sure you check the weekly production listings for films you want to approach.

Another resource that is available is the Film Music JobWire, published by The Film Music Network, which lists job openings in the film and television music industry. Click here to get more info and sign up for the Film Music JobWire.

For more information, see the "Online Industry Resources" section of this knowledgebase.

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