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What traits or qualities does it take to be successful in the business?
Based on studying the traits of successful people in the business, the traits of persistence, determination, "staying-power" (the power and will to hang in there until you achieve your goal), and the ability to relate well to people are some of the most common traits.

Persistance and determination are listed first, because they tend to be very important to the success of those in the business, especially those entering the business for the first time.

There are many challenges, and it's an overcrowded, competititve field. The ability to "rise above the crowd" and get noticed, and the ability to relentlessly pursue your dreams and goals make up the critical abilities that will be of great benefit to those desiring to enter the business.

Beyond determination and persistance lies the ability to hang in there when the going gets tough. There is a lot of rejection in this business, and the ability to handle that kind of thing without getting down and withdrawn is important. As they say, every rejection takes you one step closer to the next "yes," so keep this in mind. Also, don't take rejection personally, even if it's your most incredible musical creation that is rejected. Remember: your music is a product of you. If you're rejected, find out why, and see what you can do to improve. In many cases, your music simply won't be right for the film - that's not a bad commentary on you or your music, it's just not a good "fit."

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