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What kinds of opportunities are there in the film and television music business?

Consider these opportunities for music with picture:

*  Expanding digital cable and satellite television (100s of channels)

*  Online music (music used in websites and music sold from websites)

*  Multimedia and video games (now larger than the film business and the music business combined in the U.S.)

*  The huge explosion in the number of independent filmmakers

*  Music for advertising and corporate videos

These are only a few of the areas that present expanding, growing opportunities for music synced to picture, aka "film music." Add to this a large number of corporate music jobs (record companies, publishers, studios, etc.) and industrial music positions such as composers for company films and promotional campaigns, music for advertising, and music for music libraries.

As the industry grows, opportunities are created. At the same time, older jobs and opportunities may be disappearinig in favor of those centered around new technology and new media creation/delivery systems. The bottom line: keep up with technology, and take advantage of the many new jobs constantly being created in the industry.

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