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  1. questionWho is the "boss" when it comes to music for film and television?
    In film, usually the director. In television, it's typically one or more of the producers.In both film and television, however, the music supervisor is becoming central to all aspects of the writi ...

  2. questionWhat are Music Libraries and how can I get music from them?
    Music libraries are in the business of owning large amounts of music and "renting" (aka "licensing") the use of that music in projects. Most music libraries have vast catalogs of music in about ev ...

  3. questionWhat does a Music Supervisor do?
    The music supervisor typically handles the negotiation and licensing of outside music used for a film, and handles other music business matters such as negotiating record contracts for the soundtr ...

  4. questionWhat are some of the types of "back-end" royalties?
    Back-end royalties refer to royalties or payments that are made after a film is released. In the area of film and television music, these royalties generally fall into 2 categories:Performance Roy ...

  5. questionWhat is music clearance all about?
    While music clearance is usually the job of the Music Supervisor of a film or television production, filmmakers may need to function as the Music Supervisor where it is not possible to hire a Musi ...

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