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  1. questionWhat is an engineer (aka "scoring mixer")
    A scoring mixer, also known as an engineer, works during the recording sessions to record and mix the music. The engineer is the primary technical resource at recording sessions, and oversees all ...

  2. questionWhat schools offer film music education programs?
    Several colleges in the U.S. have courses in film music, including USC and UCLA Extension in Los Angeles which have extensive programs. In the east, Berklee College of Music has a 4-year Film Scor ...

  3. questionWhat is a Music Coordinator?
    A music coordinator works with the composer or songwriter to establish an accurate and realistic budget, and manage the music creation and recording processes to make sure the budget is maintained ...

  4. questionWhat professional level education is available?
    Professional education (designed for people already working in the business)is offered by schools and educational companies in several major cities.The Film Music Institute in Los Angeles offers s ...

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