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  1. questionHow do I put my marketing plan into action?
    To make your marketing plan most effective, you should create a schedule for implementing it. Marketing done on a regular basis (even when you're working!) is a great way to ensure that jobs are " ...

  2. questionWhat are some first steps towards finding work in the business?
    1. Make a list of who you know in the film and television business,and who they know - this is your "network tree" of people who are potential sources of information and contact in the industry.2. ...

  3. questionWhere can I find skilled composers, songwriters, music editors, music supervisors, and other experienced industry pros for film and television projects?
    There are two ways we suggest:Word of mouth is perhaps the most common way that filmmakers and television producers find composers and songwriters - after all, a good reputation based on a job wel ...

  4. questionDo I need a marketing plan?
    If you want to work as an employee in a music company such as a music publisher or record company, you may not - working in the corporate world is more of a "team sport" and may involve different ...

  5. questionWhat are some of the forms of marketing materials commonly used?
    There are many different forms of marketing materials - you should choose the forms and specific marketing tools that work the best for you. Some of them are:* Intro Letters - a great way to brief ...

  6. questionHow do I find available film and television projects to approach?
    If you're a beginning songwriter or composer, graduate student films and low budget indie films may be the best opportunities for entry into the business. Check out local entertainment newspapers ...

  7. questionHow do I implement my marketing plan and find work from it?
    A marketing plan (see "Marketing Plan" section of this knowledgebase) correctly implemented can be the key to a successful career in the industry. Professionals at all levels of the industry, in a ...

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